Call for Submissions


The theme for Issue No. 1 is Emotional Texture.

Our theme this year is emotional texture. What you feel on the inside, is what you show on the outside. Your emotional texture—your manifestation of emotion, your essence is what makes you you. What is your emotional texture? Are your edges feathery, or rough? Are you seam stitched, or dangling strings unfinished and unraveling? What fabric is your passion made of? Is it like cotton, billowing and light? Or like denim, starched stiff and distressed? In what medium do you move?

My texture is watery. I splash up on the sides of shoes, and people. I pool at their souls. I seep through cracks of fingers and windowsills. I am a flood of energy puddled in a crevice. I move under and over. I am a brook burbling over a boulder. Unbroken.

What texture are you? We want to know. Read our submission guidelines, and send us your best work. We are seeking original thinkers and writers with a distinctive voice. See puddles, hear pattering, smell mildew, taste salt, and touch us. Write whatever is in you to write, and then submit. Any previous works that fit into our theme will be considered.

Sorry, we do not pay writers, but we will offer contests with cash prizes each year. We are environmentally conscious. We only accept manuscripts through our submissions email at

We do not charge subscription fees. Readers read for free. We do charge a submissions fee to cover online submission manager administrative fees. Our goal is to support and provide opportunities for aspiring writers.